The First Glaring Example of Democratic Respectability

Façade Generation: PM Trudeau’s “Just Society” 

© 2009 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor 

A primary finding of the Fiefdom treatise research project was a sustained program measured in decades of generating a false image of the country as a mature, healthy and to-be-admired democratic society.   The purpose was to mask the reality of governance in which all manner of systemic criminality, corruption, impropriety and international law violations festered.  It was successful primarily because of a multi-institutional effort and the suspension of constitutional checks and balances that arose through trans-generational nepotism and patronage and length Liberal rule in the 20th century. A “just society” Canada was not, is not and will never be until fundamental reform becomes a reality. 



A primary barrier to swifter acceptance of the true nature of Canadian governance was the uncritical acceptance by so many in the public and private sectors of the ‘iconic’ status of former federal and provincial leaders.   It was recognized early in the August 2007 commenced edification initiative that deconstructing these undeserved reputations was critical to paving the way to reforming the country’s institutions on its three levels and the administration of justice and purging complicit corporate boardrooms.



One of PM Trudeau’s strokes of evil genius was his Liberal Party branding and campaigning on a platform of a “just society”.  



The Just Society was a rhetorical device used by Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to illustrate his vision for the nation. He first used the term in the 1968 Liberal Party leadership contest, at the height of "Trudeaumania", and it came to be seen as one of his trademark phrases.


Unlike the "Great Society" of US President Lyndon B. Johnson, the label Just Society was not attached to a specific set of reforms, but rather applied to all Trudeau's policies, from official bilingualism to the creation of Charter of Right and Freedoms.


As Prime Minister, Trudeau espoused participatory democracy as a means of making Canada a "Just Society." He defended vigorously the newly implemented universal health care and regional development programs as means of making society more just. He also implemented many procedural reforms, to make Parliament and the Liberal caucus meetings run more efficiently, and substantially expanded the size and role of the prime minister's office.  

Source: Memoirs, by Pierre Trudeau (Toronto 1993, McClelland & Stewart) 



“The Just Society will be one in which all of our people will have the means and the motivation to participate. 


The Just Society will be one in which personal and political freedom will be more securely ensured than it has ever been in the past.


The Just Society will be one in which the rights of minorities will be safe from the whims of intolerant majorities.


The Just Society will be one in which those regions and groups which have not fully shared in the country’s affluence will be given a better opportunity.


The Just Society will be one where such urban problems as housing and pollution will be attacked through the application of new knowledge and new techniques.


The Just Society will be one in which our Indian and Inuit populations will be encouraged to assume the full rights of citizenship through policies which will give them both greater responsibility for their own future and more meaningful equality of opportunity.


The Just Society will be a united Canada, united because all of its citizens will be actively involved in the development of a country where equality of opportunity is ensured and individuals are permitted to fulfill themselves in the fashion they judge best.”


Source: Official Statement by the Prime Minister, “The Just Society”, June 10, 1968  


Canada must be unified.  Canada must be one.  Canada must be progressive.  And Canada must be a just society.

            Pierre Trudeau, September 1968

            View video [@ 2:08]



Sure there were some valuable attributes to the program. But concealed was what he was doing to preserve the multi-generational consolidation of political authority through institutionalized nepotism and patronage and lengthy Liberal rule in the 20th century – an advantage he parlayed into economy monopolization, Chinese joint governance and the genesis of wealth plundering on a scale that is as breathtaking as it is almost incalculable.



The Trudeau legacy, a myriad of secret policies, practices, agendas, interests and relationships, led to pain, injury, suffering, loss and death throughout the country and only profound historic change – a complete deconstruction and reconstitution of every major institution of the state – will bring it to an end.





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